What TV shows are you guys watching?

I have been trying to get into some of the hot TV shows and I must say I really like what I have seen. We have been watching House of Cards, House of Lies, Walking Dead, Shameless and Scandal, oh and Suits and I must say I am hooked by some of them. I think […]

Fun night in Vegas!

Great bunch of meetings and ended up in the DJ Booth table at Hakkasan with some great friends, business associates and the formidable DJ Aoki. Got a sick picture of Aoki and Tiesto! Wild night that ended in poker til sunrise. Life is definitely not just about the destination but about the ride.

WSOP is right around the corner!

Well that time of the year is quickly approaching and it’s very exciting. The World Series of Poker schedule is out and I am sure all of the wizards from around the world have already booked their flights and rentals. Last year was the first year in many that I did not play any events […]

Startups – What it takes!

I meet with and invest in startups regularly and I notice so many things that new founders just don’t get and this article touches on them very well. First time founders have this illusion that they should have stability in their lifestyle, earnings and hours of operation and that is a myth. If you feel […]

Submissions backlog

So as you can see I have a brand new website and with it comes some new hires to help me with the backlog of submissions. So those that have been patiently waiting thank you and look forward to a more speedy process in the coming weeks. The submission process has yielded some amazing products […]

Is Facebook taking over the world? Or just the connectivity of its inhabitants?

Now that Facebook has calmed the fears of Wall Street it seems Mark Zuckerberg is ramping up his world domination efforts. Especially when is comes to virtual reality technologies. For those wondering what the future may hold or at least what MZ thinks it holds this is an interesting read. Facebook Buys A Virtual World

ShopJunki is finally a reality!

Hi Guys, So I have been inventing and developing products for as long as I can remember and the one thing missing has always been a one stop Shop for all the Brands that I have created, own part of or that I love. With that said over the last 6 months and with the […]

My thoughts on Bitcoin

It seems Bitcoin is on everyone’s mind, at least in my financial stratosphere. So I thought I would take a moment and discuss my thoughts: Bitcoin has been around for a few years now and to this day most are still confused by what it is. Even Warren Buffet was quoted as calling it snake […]