Bumps in the Road

In business every day brings a new life lesson and you just have to be up for the challenge. I posted a quote of sorts the other day on Facebook that read “In life you should never lose – You should either win or learn something!” #perspective #lifelessons and that quote stands so true on a daily basis for most entrepreneurs. People always think that small business owners have it made and that we have total freedom, and yes some of that is true however its the bumps in the road that really challenge your resolve. I have had a particularly rough time as of yet but with so many amazing projects in the works its tough to be down when you know the breaks will be going your way very soon.

This entire subject was brought about by the recent conversations I have had with a few friends that have worked in corporate America their entire careers but are now considering switching to the start-up-entrepreneur lifestyle. I tried to lay out to them the pros and cons of both just so they are aware. I would think it would be a very tough adjustment when changing gears later in your career unless of course you have a big enough nest-egg to withstand the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship. So like Nike said “Just Do It” but of course try to be prepared.